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Tantrism: Its Secret Principles and Practices, Book Review

I was in a Tibetan Buddhist religion for a while; I quit when I learned what my teacher was teaching from the Kalachakra Tantra, and I also quit because my teacher had lied to me. His lying caused me to have to find out the truth of what is being taught and what it entailed.

The first book I bought was the Commentary of the Kalacakra Tantra by
Geshe Lharampa Ngawang Dhargyey, a forbidden book that somehow made it to Amazon, and that goes into detail of the sexual practice.

This book, Tantrism, Its Secret Principles and Practices by Benajmin Walker goes much further. It is a small book but every page is filled with shocking information, much more so than the Kalacakra book. I also learned that the two other Hindu yogi groups that I had been in years ago, taught Tantrism in secret. I had been suspicious even then but had no way to know, and this book cleared all of this up for me.

The Kalacakra as presented in the west is that of peace, but if you actually read it you will find that there is going to be a battle with the Buddhists killing the Jews and Muslims, if I have this part correct. Gandhi actually believed that Hinduism was peaceful and so decided to reinterpret the Gita, as not as a real battle, but as one within each of us, of the good and bad. This information comes from the book, Buddhists at War. In Walker's book he said that the Kalacakra can be translated, not just as "time" but "black", "death" or "fate."

Tibetan Buddhists will claim that you can't understand these books because they are written in the Twilight Language, but the Commentary book I mentioned translates it for you. And as Walker said in his book, "The writings are often so explicit that it would be stretching one's imagination too far to read them in any other way." I thought that myself when reading the Commentary book, especially when it says that you will eventually need a real consort and not just visualizations. Tibetan Buddhists try to tell you it is only done through visualizations; if they tell you anything at all that is anywhere near the truth.

While the Commentary goes into detail of the sex practice, this book goes one step further, The Commentary hints at after being taught the precepts and the Bodhisattva Vow, and when you are ready to take the empowerments, you can now drink wine, eat beef, and have sex with women. Well, Walker's book takes his book deeper into the subject. Many of the practices are so degrading, that I can't imagine posting them here; it was hard enough reading them. Some include eating feces, drinking menstrual blood, eating corpses, etc. to name a few.

Here are some more:

"Forbidden sexuality, including incest and adultery can and indeed must be practiced. Meats like beef, taboo to the Hindu, must be eaten. Alcoholic liquor, so hateful to the orthodox must be drunk. A tantric precept says, `By drinking and drinking and drinking again, rolling on the ground, rising and still drinking, a man saves himself from rebirth.'

And of course without real sex you cannot become enlightened. What a drawing point this has become, because people drawn to this religion desire enlightenment, only the lama slowly prepares people towards this end for his own enjoyment. Some lamas are sexual predators, using the same techniques as those in public, where they get children to trust and love them first.

Also there are women who were married and came to Tibetan Buddhism just to learn that they had to share their partner.

And more: "Success with women and the ability to satisfy any number of them was the most coveted goal. This woman-subduing power was aimed at reducing females to a state of insane and demonic desire that only the tantric could assuage. Women could be tormented beyond endurance so they would come in hundreds with disheveled locks, their bodices bursting with ardor for the tantric, however decrepit, old, ugly or impotent he might be.'

...As a cult obligation, followers are enjoined to carry out acts of a progressively more and more anti-social nature, to tell lies in preference to the truth, to steal what belongs to others, to commit robbery and violence, and in the final phase, to commit murder.

...In certain forms of tantric initiation, the candidate is asked whether, for the sake of the goddess, he would be prepared to kill anyone, even members of his own family."

Walker states that "Tanriks are men of strange and malignant force, and it is widely believed in India that it is dangerous to thwart or provoke them, for they are malicious in the extreme." Well, I have been threatened to keep quiet, but so far nothing has happened. My feeling is if they can't heal, if their prayers don't really work, why would their black magic? But there are women who have been terrified into not talking in the open about what they went through with lamas. I know these women.

How did Tantra really come to Tibet: When the King of Tibet asked Padma-sambhava, the Buddhist master who brought Tantric teachings to Tibet, to teach Buddhism, he had no idea that they were other than the real teachings of Buddha. The King's chief wife called a meeting to voice her distaste for the teachings and concluded, "This is no religion, but the evil India has taught Tibet." It flourished in Tibet in spite of her meeting.

I also thought that the last chapter of the book, the Comments had a wealth of information on the dangers of meditation, Hatha Yoga, and other practices that have found their way into the west, and so all I can say is that I would give this book more than 5 stars, if I could. You will learn more about Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism that you ever wanted to know. But most of all it may help someone to not make the mistake of joining such groups and end up being disappointed as distraught as I had been.

Note: This belief that Tibetan Buddhism is a cesspool was first coined by a friend of mine, not that others have not used the term, but then I listened to the video Tulku and found it interesting that he said that it was a cesspool:



  1. Marte-Micaela RiepeSep 25, 2011 09:51 AM

    This post is so valuable, like the others above. We, who are experienced and knowledgeable, have to enlighten people about the hidden secret practises of the tantric-tibetan Lamaism.
    All is said but some points:
    We need to speak out the names of the lamas. No evil event is going to take place after. You are right, they are not able to heal and not able to damage someone.
    I published my experiences with Nydahl and his Karmapa on this blog and on others,but they not even threatened me until now.
    Now I`m putting my mail here. If you want to contact me, just mail to:

    Let`s see, what we can do further on!

  2. Raising the kundalini, what they call "Tummo", the "inner fire", in Tibetan, draws on your adrenal glands, that's why it's not only very tiring, but dangerous. If your adrenals get depleted, you're in serious trouble.


    An interesting article on Tantra.

  4. I just read in the Trimondis' "female sacrifice" chapter, that it's part of the tantric ritual sometimes, to kill the consort! Especially a lower-caste consort. I didn't read the reason for it. It made me think of the Tibetan girl Kalu had taken as a consort, and suddenly she turned up dead. maybe it was a ritual killing? These people are even worse than the disgusting, depraved outrages I thought they were.

    This religion should never have made it into the 20th century.

  5. I have come across physical destruction of the body in tantric practice. However in most cases this is a 'spiritual death' not a physical one. Have a check of the book on Yantra, mantra and Tantrism:

  6. Thanks so much for that information.

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